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To Know Your Roots Assemblage, for the Wisdom in you!

Know Your Roots

Here we are designed with our collective history in mind, though born from the struggle. We at Know Your Roots Assemblage (K.Y.R.A) are dedicated to engaging and educating our youth on their true history, wealth creation, and the cultural sophistication therein, promoting social development, empowerment, and community building amidst a diverse world.

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“It [The Know Your Roots Curriculum] tapped into a pride. And she still uses her notebook, she has her Africana Studies notebook, not just during Black History Month… She uses it, [months later] …she’s got it organized, and she’ll bring it to me and we’ll look. It sparked an interest [in her].”

Mrs. Peterkin (describing her daughter)

“Her being empowered to know the things that she’s learning. Sometimes I know the things that we have done and it enamors me, and I think that for her, now that she knows that at this age, I see it in her eyes, she wants to do different things. That’s what I want, that’s what I’ve learned from that experience, she sees that ‘I can do it’, ‘I can achieve that’, because Africana studies is attempting to get them in tune with their powers of being”

Mr. Obenkwa (describing his daughter)


“I like to learn (about) my history because I want to know where I come from. I’m glad I learned about the (true) Lion King, (Sundiata Djata).”

Gabrielle (6th Grader)

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