About Us


Akwaaba is from the Akan language of West Africa known as ‘Twi’, meaning “Welcome”. Welcome to The Know Your Roots Assemblage About Us Page, designed with change, and our collective history, in mind. Here, culture and education meet, and through natural and authentic interaction, we highlight the things that make us diverse as human beings, ever-changing, ever-growing, ever-expanding, yet one in the same. The coursework in schools today are outdated. They are rarely, if ever, expressive of the diversity and unity, that truly make up our humanity. It is here, in The K.Y.R.A Curriculum that this thrives, and we begin to embody an expression of equity, leadership, and self-awareness that our schools have long been missing.

The world is in need of the ‘kind’ in humankind. It is evident. In the mass shootings, mass incarceration, and massive glut of potential that goes unnoticed in communities of color. We must make the necessary, necessary again, and create the changes that increase our social improvement, and natural environment. Moreover, through deep and profound inquiry into ‘self’, that help us in our understanding of others as well, we further our collective humanity by growing in our emotional intelligence, as well as academic intelligence. Know Your Roots started as an S.G.A (Student Government Association) Organization on the SUNY Cortland campus in New York. It started as a grassroots cultural initiative and has since transformed into a movement, that is fluid, growing, and alive with information on campus. It was created as a pact made between three African American brothers after watching a profound documentary, that taught the importance of knowing and understanding ones roots. And we chose, moreover, to share this inquiry, into self-development and self-discovery, with others. Since then, we founders have all went on to excel in our own respective fields, yet Know Your Roots the SGA organization still stands today. It has thrived, grown, and has changed the lives of over 9,000 student, faculty, and community members and counting. It is in this, as the founders, we garner the most gratifying feeling, the feeling of changing the lives of those around us, for the better.

After college, we knew there was more to be done. A lot of the same social and cultural issues that we faced on campus, lack of positive self-images, disillusionment from learning due to one-sided public coursework, and scarcity of economic growth and opportunity, were all present in the world today, only magnified. After combining all degrees of experience, The K.Y.R.A curriculum was established; a cultural consciousness, a curriculum, a clothing company that transcends even the deepest differences, to a shared inquiry into knowledge of self.

In Life, if beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then the quality of our self-awareness is a prize that we cannot miss. Here at K.Y.R.A, Know Your Roots Assemblage, we are dedicated to the Earth, it's quality, it’s freedom, it’s sheer independence of self found only in the knowing of it’s roots, we love and we give that to you. This is our mission at K.Y.R.A, to know our roots, to understand the confines that constrict our own truths, and find the treasures that lie within, if we only looked, then exceed them. Created through cultural competency and conscious clothing, we at K.Y.R.A center the eternal truth that sustains us all, that is the natural spirit, vibration, or frequency of nature, and doing everything to trust it. Through our educational classes and workshops dedicated to self-mastery and self-discovery, to our uniquely traditional styles in clothing, to our united enthusiasm for a life well lived and well deserved, our dedication to a spiritual happiness is felt in every thread, lesson, and word we teach. This movement is the beginning of a dream deferred, a vision realized, a spirit standing on nothing, but truth. Welcome to KYRA. Thank you.



Compartir, or ‘to share’ in español, with us what you learn and you learn it twice. The gift is not in the knowing of certain information, the real gift is in the giving of it. As we learn together, sharing this knowledge with others that we know, and they too learn their history, it allows us to learn more and more. In teaching others it furthers our understanding, and we become the change that we seek. Be sure to know how impactful your perspective is to that change, and to the world’s development as a whole. We at K.Y.R.A, share our perspectives with you, so you can share who you are, what you learn, and what you hope to be, with us.

Since formulating Know Your Roots Assemblage as a corporation, and business model, we have incorporated developmental and socially engaging virtues into the things we teach. One of the hardest things in life is to be something we feel we have never been before. With these transformational learning practices through social emotional learning, in integrity, cultural competency, in historical findings, and so much more, we ignite the minds and imaginations of students, by showing the amazing feats of people who defied the odds within their own culture. Put another way, we allow people to understand that they have always had that thing they’ve aspired for, they have just had it in a way that they had to figure out. Not yet, is better than saying not at all, and we are the yet. We have successfully shared this knowledge of self and knowing one’s roots through The K.Y.R.A curriculum to over 300 students in New York City, over 50 community members, and 20 trained education professionals. We are a young company, but that has less to do with the true and clear direction we are going, to administer a self-identifying and socially aware curriculum to schools and schools districts across the country. Moreover, imparting an awareness of self and a compassion for others, that starts in our home base of New York City. We have taught everything from self awareness workshops on healthy masculinity, to the indigenous practices of national holidays, to the importance of living alkaline and holistic lives, cleaning the pollution we find in the world by cleaning the pollution we see in our bodies. We make our lives better, by making our minds better, and thus making the world better, this is our pledge to self-awareness. In including awareness of self, with the awareness of the environment and how to preserve it, we realize how much the nature of our reality is a reflection of us! Check out our attempt to do this with The HUB portal, including an exclusive Black, B.I.P.O.C, and “Minority Women Owned Businesses” catalog of socially conscious people, that allow one to buy into their communities and give forward by giving back to our communities by way of group economics.

As members, and family, of the movement known as K.Y.R.A we need to voice our love of ‘The Spirit’. This is our lifeline, our daily bread, and the only thing we’ve centered in our creative process. We are All Artists. All Creators. All Spirits looking for a common human experience. The question is, what will you do with yours? At K.Y.R.A, our brand is the embodiment of self-love for The Creator. Know Your Roots Assemblage is a social conscious clothing company designed to liberate the minds, express the souls, and uplift the hearts, of all who encounter it through self-discovery and groundbreaking truth. We break the status quo’s of fast fashion and waste, we cultivate culturally based curriculums and workshops that teach self-efficacy and self-improvement, and we buy in our communities, building bridges, not barriers, for their success while also increasing our own. Through apparel we love, a culture that is alive, and the wisdoms that illuminate in us all the need to be free, the need to be ‘we’, this melanated, “Black”, African American owned business is dedicated to creating a unique brand that gives back, moves forward, and connects more than it separates to make a difference. Thank You. I 


Asante Sana, Swahili meaning Thank You Infinitely, for what you have done, are doing, and what you will do to benefit your future and honor the ancestors. These are trying times, by developing the lives of those around us by first developing ourselves, we become monikers for self-Awarness and inner development, that others can aspire to seek and be as well. In this way we, truthfully, take the first steps into making our goals a reality, first by understanding who we are and creating a united, connected, and self-empowering person in the midst. Through self-love, as well as self-awareness, we find more ways to create sources of acceptance for all people, because we’ve first done it in self. Transcending our immediate environments through inter-connected relationships, and resolving any residue that may reside in our hearts in the process. We allow students to be tolerant, appreciative, thankful, yet deliberately open-minded, in this content we teach. Thus allowing for the greatest form of diversity to thrive, the one in-which  humanity is substantially unified through consciousness. The most intrinsically valuable part of our nature, is that we are courageously the same human race, on the same planet, and with the same essential parts that shape us all.

We plan on reaching every corner of this country and then the globe, as cultural competency and a greater need for human divinity (‘Hu’ meaning GOD and ‘man’ meaning spirit of being) to increase. It is our duty to make cultural sophistication accessible and relatable to all students, and to make sure we have the abilities needed to be better humans. Lastly, we build. Build better systems and environments, build better teachings from sustainable psychology to economic development, we build it all. The aspects of our humanity that don’t align our actions to our highest good, are eradicated for their ability to depreciate our humanity and further, our planet. How we use everyday technologies to plant trees, clean our environment, and help connect the disconnected in our human species, will define us as human beings moving forward.

One of our missions at Know Your Roots Assemblage, is to revitalize the human in human-being. Hue meaning ‘color’ and man, again, meaning ‘spirit of being’ we are the essence of the creator, the builders of the true multiplicity of our world. K.Y.R.A is pronounced like the feminine principle of Cairo, the capital of Egypt (Kemet). It is through this, the first, and one of the greatest, human civilizations ever, that we build a paradigm meant to show the power of our spirit, mind, and  imagination. Through educational curricula on leadership and collaboration, conscious apparent, mentorship and social study, and various social outreach programs in New York City, we at Know Your Roots Assemblage hope to express our need for a conscious justice in humanity. We know that clothes will make you look good, education will make you think good, yet it is our true knowing of our souls, our history, our place in GOD that will make us feel good. This is all that is present in our gift to you, all we ask is that you grow, look back, pull someone else up. Don't just aspire to make a living in this world, aspire to make a difference. Thank You.